Here is a list of all modules:
 COMPR: COMPRESS extension for NNTPThis module provides optional support for data compression and decompression according to RFC 8054
 CONF: Configuration handlingLocation of configfile: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$CFG_NAME/configfile
 CORE: Newsreader base functionalityThe core use a separate thread for the transport subsystem calls, otherwise it would block the UI while waiting for data
 DATA: Database for header cacheLocation of article header database: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$CFG_NAME/headers
 DIGEST: Hash algorithmsThis module provides optional support for message digest algorithms. It is intended to comply with RFC 3174
 ENC: Codeset and header field handlingThe functions in this group should be conformant to the following standards: ANSI X3.4, ISO 2022, ISO 8601, ISO 8859, ISO 10646, RFC 1468, RFC 2045, RFC 2046, RFC 2047, RFC 2049, RFC 2152, RFC 2183, RFC 2231, RFC 2646, RFC 3629, RFC 3676, RFC 5198, RFC 5536, RFC 6657, POSIX.1-1996, Unicode 13.0.0
 EXT: Delegation to external utilitiesThis module calls external programs to delegate functionality like sending E-Mail or displaying HTML
 FUTIL: POSIX file handlingThis is a wrapper for the POSIX file handling stuff. It mainly does some things for convenience and is not a real abstraction layer
 FILTER: Regular expressions and scoringLocation of scorefile: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$CFG_NAME/scorefile
 GROUP: Usenet group handlingLocation of group information file: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$CFG_NAME/groupfile
 GUI: Graphical User InterfaceThis graphical user interface is based on FLTK 1.3 and is intended to work with a FLTK 1.3.0 shared library. Using features that are added later is not allowed (without ABI guards) to preserve backward compatibility
 HMAC: Hash-based Message Authentication CodeThis module provides optional support for Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Codes. It is intended to comply with RFC 2104
 HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer ProtocolThis module should behave RFC 3986, RFC 7230, RFC 7231 and RFC 7234 conformant
 INET: Internet protocolInternet name resolution, socket and connection handling
 LOG: Logging of NNTP communicationLocation of protocol logfile: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$CFG_NAME/logfile
 MAIN: Command line option parser
 NLS: National Language SupportThis implementation of NLS does not use GNU gettext. The reasons are:
 NNTP: Network News Transfer ProtocolThis transport subsystem should behave RFC 1951, RFC 977, RFC 2980, RFC 3977, RFC 4643 and RFC 6048 conformant
 POSIX: Portable Operating System InterfaceThis subsystem should hold away operating system issues from the rest of the program. If a C source file requires something that is not ISO C90, it should include "posix.h" as the first header file and this module should take care to provide the required functionality as specified by SUSv4. This allows to write cleaner code (that normally would only be accepted by much more recent operating systems) and nevertheless run it on old machines
 TEST: TestsuiteThe tests can be executed with "make test"
 TIME: Timing related convenience functionsThe functions are wrappers around POSIX nanosleep()
 TLS: Transport Layer SecurityThis module provides optional support for an encrypted connection to the server. It is intended to follow RFC 2246, RFC 4346, RFC 5246, RFC 7366, RFC 7507, RFC 7627 and RFC 8446 (depending on the underlying OpenSSL library). OpenSSL 1.0.0 is the oldest supported version. For full functionality at least OpenSSL 3.0.0 is required
 XDG: Base Directory SpecificationImplementation of XDG Base Directory Specification (version 0.7)

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