File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 bsd.cThis is a wrapper to map BSD functionality of OS into POSIX subsystem
 compression.cData compression and decompression
 conf.cConfiguration handling
 core.cNewsreader core (for handling RFC 5536 conformant messages)
 database.cArticle header database (cache)
 digest.cMessage Digests
 drunken_bishop.cDrunken bishop randomart algorithm
 encoding.cShared encoding related functions
 extutils.cExternal program delegation functions
 fileutils.cGeneric file handling and path checking functions
 filter.cArticle filtering
 group.cHandling of subscribed groups and already viewed articles
 gui.cxxGUI based on FLTK 1.3
 hmac.cKeyed-Hash Message Authentication Code
 http.cMinimalistic WWW client
 inet.cInternet connection handling
 log.cServer protocol logging
 main.cxxGlobal functions and startup entry point
 nls.cNational language support (NLS)
 nntp.cNetwork News Transfer Protocol
 posix.cIntended to implement missing or buggy POSIX functionality of OS
 secure.cSecurity related functions
 sighandler.cSignal handlers
 test.cxxTest framework
 test_base64.cTest of enc_mime_encode_base64() implementation
 test_cancellock.cTest of core_get_cancel_lock() implementation
 test_compression.cTest of cmpr_send() and cmpr_recv() implementation
 test_inet_pton.cTest of posix_inet_pton() implementation
 test_regex.cTest of posix_regcomp() and posix_regexec() implementation
 test_snprintf.cTest of posix_snprintf() implementation
 test_strcasecmp_l.cTest of posix_strcasecmp_l() implementation
 test_timestamp.cTest of enc_timestamp_decode() implementation
 test_unicode.cTest of enc_convert_to_utf8_nfc() implementation
 timing.cTiming related functions
 tls.cTransport layer security
 ts_functions.cThread safe replacement functions
 xdg.cImplementation of XDG Base Directory Specification

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