Development tools for Atmel AVR microcontroller line

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About this site

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Why this site exist:

  1. The most time we use UNIX machines, but UNIX tools for AVR development (with X support) are rare.
  2. We like to create hard- and software.

For this reasons we started to create some hardware and write some tools.
Our software is available under the terms of the GPL.

Mainly UNIX versions of the software exist at the moment. Probably we (or you!) port it some day to other OS's.
We have developed the code on GNU/Linux 2.2 using various IA32 and SPARC32 machines.
Currently it is tested to work on:

without modifications. Probably it runs on other UNIXes and/or architectures, too (try it and let us know).

We use C and Tcl languages for programming. GUI widgets are taken from Tk and OSF/Motif.
Check the headers of the source files for language, compiler, etc..

If no binaries exist and you have never used a compiler, use our toolbox which build the software automatically.


Supported programmers

If you have tested one of the supported devices listed as 'untested', please let us know (regardless of success).

The software

The toolbox


Other AVR related projects (not written nor maintained by us)

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