Changelog for file format conversion software

Versions with 'p' at the end are under development and not released yet.

Atmel GENERIC to Intel HEX converter
V0.0   Initial version

V0.1   Bugfix: Crash if more then one record is used in Intel HEX file

V0.2   Bugfix: If the Intel HEX file contains more than one record all records
               except the last record can contain additional 0x00 bytes
       Bugfix: Buffer index is not initialized when opening new record
       Bugfix: Records that are not the last record contain wrong byte count
               field (16/8 mode only)
       Conversion now aborts cleanly on error
       16/8 GENERIC files are now rejected in 24/16 GENERIC mode

V0.3   Bugfix: Include 'stdlib.h' to get a 'exit()' declaration
       Tested to work on GNU/Linux and SunOS

V0.4   Minor changes to compile on NetBSD without warnings
       Tested to work on HP-UX and AIX

Intel HEX to Atmel GENERIC converter
V0.0   Initial version

V0.1   Bugfix: 'Done.' is printed on every wrong checksum if '--nocheck' is
               specified and '--debug' is not specified

V0.2   Help message modified
       Tested to work on GNU/Linux and SunOS

V0.3   Capital letters are used for hex numbers now
       Parameter '--noff' added
       Data bytes or words containing only ones are no longer deleted from the
        output file by default (specify '--noff' if you want that)
       Tested to work on NetBSD, HP-UX and AIX

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