A standalone parser for Doom UMAPINFO data.



The MAPINFO lump describes meta-data associated with levels (such as their name, music, sky texture, par time, etc.).
Different Doom source ports have adopted different MAPINFO systems. UMAPINFO seeks to mitigate this problem by being a cross-port standard.

libdoom-umapinfo is a library to parse Doom UMAPINFO data.
See README for details.

A command line utility "doom-umpinfo" is built together with the library.
It can be used to feed raw UMAPINFO data into the library to check for syntax errors.

This library can be used on machines with big-endian byte order.


The library and CLI utility is written by Michael Bäuerle.
See LICENSE for licence information.


There are no runtime dependencies. The build requires:

or alternatively (for modern systems):


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