1.0.0  2023-08-27  Release

Important notes:
- Namespace prefix changed for new API and ABI
- Key and value type codes renumbered
- Value defined for parameter "verbose" of function doom_umi1_create()

Bug fixes:
- Return value of doom_umi1_i_parser_key_append() fixed
- Use of const pointers in doom_umi1_i_yyerror() and
  doom_umi1_i_parser_msg() fixed
- Function import_data() of CLI utility fixed (code was not C90 conformant)
- Build directory of library now contains symlinks for internal header files
  Only required for build with POSIX make
- Archiver ar is called with combined options ("-rc" instead of "-r -c")
  System V ar and old versions of GNU ar do not support separation of options

New features and improvements:
- Meson build system added for shared library
  Muon can be used with samurai to avoid python dependency
- Testsuite added